Lawn Maintenance Services in Burlington, MA

It’s time to plan lawn maintenance services for your home or business in the Burlington, Massachusetts area with Johnny D’s Landscaping Services. Regular lawn maintenance enhances the curb appeal of your property. It also creates an optimal environment for the healthy growth of grasses, shrubs, and landscaped areas.

5 basic areas of lawn maintenance

There are 5 types of lawn maintenance to plan for throughout the year to keep outdoor areas clean, welcoming, and disease-free.

Lawn Cuts

There’s nothing quite like the sight and smell of a fresh-cut lawn!

Regular lawn cuts make a property welcoming. They also ensure a healthy environment for grass and soil. Johnny D’s lawn maintenance services can help you schedule regular lawn cuts based on environmental conditions. This ensures your property remains healthy and appealing year-round.

Bush Trimming

Bush trimming and shrub pruning promote healthy growth and dense foliage in your landscaping. Caring for bushes and shrubs enhances curb appeal and creates a personal sense of satisfaction in your property’s aesthetic.

Each variety of bush or shrub has different trimming needs. If you’re unsure about cutting away dead areas and pruning back overgrowth yourself, our lawn maintenance and landscaping experts can help.

Spring & Fall Cleanups

Cleaning up winter weather damage and end-of-summer detritus is hard work! Sometimes it seems as if you’ve just cleaned up one season’s mess, and the next is upon you.

Be sure to schedule a time for these regular lawn maintenance tasks. Doing so ensures downed limbs, leaf litter, and burnt-out annual plants don’t accumulate on your property. Not only are they unsightly, but these conditions attract pests and disease to your lawn and landscaping. As with other areas of lawn maintenance, a professional service can perform these tasks efficiently, economically, and with attention to the property’s aesthetics.

Mulching & Edging

Nothing makes a residential or commercial property look more cared for than well-trimmed landscaping. Mulching not only enhances the beauty of landscaped lawns but also helps plants remain healthy and thrive in various weather conditions. Mulching and trimming are best done after a lawn cut, and they boost your curb appeal.

Dethatching & Aerating

Lawn aeration, sometimes called coring, is a process of removing plugs of soil from your lawn. Once the job is complete, water and air can more easily reach the roots of your lawn.

Thatch is that layer of dead grass, stems, and roots that collect at the soil surface. Some thatch is beneficial to the lawn, but it can be harmful if it collects to a layer of 3/4 inch or more. Too heavy a layer of thatch creates a breeding ground for pests and disease. Dethatching prevents this and allows more water and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass.

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Enjoy your property again

by using lawn maintenance services
A well-manicured lawn instills a sense of pride in your property and makes for a visually appealing and inviting sight. Taking care of lawn cuts, mulching and edging, trimming, and aerating also creates a healthier growing environment for landscaping. Get the help you need to create a beautiful, healthy lawn with the lawn maintenance services of Johnny D’s!